Hello… Summer


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I know, I know, there are still 23 days left until the “official” start of the season, but it sure does look and feel like those glorious summer days.

In fact, the only thing that is missing today is the breezy sent of the ocean air. Someday we hope for this…


Alas, we don’t live on the beach, but we can keep hoping and wishing for it someday down the road.  So for now, I kicked back and caught some rays outside in our brand new lounge chair.  I worked on my current read “Home Front” by Kristen Hannah (review to follow soon!!!) while enjoying some yummy Sunkist10.  What a perfect, peaceful, relaxing morning.

Tonight we are going out with some friends for dinner and mini-golf.  Ah, yes, summer sure is here.  The time of the year is full of energy and excitement.  I’m sure that this will be the first of many mini-golf outings, even though I am completely terrible, I love the “sport”.  Here’s to hoping to score a bright pink golf ball.  Cheers to summer!!!

What kicks off the summer for you?