Wow.  It has been such a long time since my last post, and I really miss blogging.  As summer has been approaching in that same way a late spring thundershower does – rolling in quickly and taking unsuspecting people by storm (… quite literally), I’ve been thinking about the things in my day-to-day life that I want to make sure get some of my time.   It’s obvious to work, love my hubs, and relax, but what else?

So now, as a career lady (that’s right – I traded house-wifery for business suits), I struggle with the balance that needs to exist between my passions and my dreams and my daily life.  In some ways my hopes and dreams overlap, but they need room to grow individually too.

I know one thing.  I always need to be creating – it energizes me.  There are lots of outlets in my everyday that make the perfect stage for all of my loves.  Why just do something to get it done when I could do it well?  Take the time to shine… stand out… and let people see what you’re all about.

It’s always a new day – a new opportunity – and another chance to live the dream!

I want to know – how are you living your dreams?  How are you fulfilling your hearts desires?  What energizes you (other than a Monster drink or a big cup of coffee)?

Hope you are all having a fabulous Sunday!!!