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Today’s weather is rainy – and altogether dreary.  I’ve always been one to feel grumpy/mopey at the onset of wet weather, but now that I’ve settled in to the change, the rain is actually rejuvenating my weary soul and refocusing my tired mind.

Just like a wild flower, the rain makes me bloom.  At first it seems that all that is sprouting is a lost little weed.  But then with nothing more than God’s nourishment, a gem emerges and a beautiful flower blossoms.

It seems like there are days when we don’t give ourselves enough credit.  We expect too much, get worn down and desire too little, or begin to feel frustrated with a particular aspect of our journey.  We’ve all been there, and when we face times like these it’s all the more important to remember the wild flower.

Soak up the rain, enjoy the sun, and absorb the warmth of the fire.  Enjoy the journey – there’s hidden beauty everywhere.

~Keep on Smiling~