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Happy Weekend!  I had a super busy week, and I was very excited for the weekend to be here… even though I was disappointed it rained all day.

This week the hubs and I celebrated 6 months of being happily married!  I’m a sentimental sap at heart, so I love embracing even the small landmarks along our journey through this life.

We had decided no gifts, just cards, but when we came home from work, he had in tow a beautiful dozen+ roses!  Wowzo!!!!  They are so gorgeous, and our kitchen is still filled with the sweet, sweet smell of these precious petals.

Every time I walk into our kitchen and smell their sweet aroma, part of me melts at how special they make me feel.  🙂  So in the spirit of feeling special and wanting you to feel just as happy and special, I “picked” a bouquet of flowers just for you.

Can you smell them yet?

Even though some of you are sad Summer has passed, Autumn has arrived with colorful petals and it’s share of wonderful scents!  I hope you enjoyed the flowers!  I wish I could give you the real thing. 🙂

~Keep on Smiling!~