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The transition from summer to fall comes with a beautiful ease long before the leaves fall from the trees.

My hubs and I love being outdoors, and the other day we had a beautiful late summer picnic in a mostly deserted park.

Just a few weeks earlier activity would have been raging on this now deserted beach.

The grills would have been going, and the yummy smell of hot dogs and burgers would have been in the air.

This bench would have been occupied by a elderly sweethearts watching their grandkids splash and play in the once warm waters below.

All is quiet, and all is calm.  Soon the trees will be adorned with an elaborate display of colors.  Then the leaves will fall to create a vibrant blanket over the landscape.

Enjoy the transition; it usually proves to be a glamorous display of warmth and color. 🙂

~Keep on Smiling!~