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Today is my momma’s birthday!  A lady never gives away her age, so all I am going to tell you is that she’s been 29 and holding for a while.  😉  She is one of the sweetest, most awesome women I know. My mom has such a special place in my heart and she is one of my closest friends.  I love you, Mom!

I cooked and baked the morning away preparing yummy birthday goodies for her special day! I delivered dinner a little bit ago to my parents – and it got rave reviews!

Homemade meatballs are so yummy that they seemed like a great birthday meal.  These guys are are the perfect pairing for the fresh rolls I baked yesterday.  Yum!

My family loves fresh-picked fruit!  I love baking with fruit (every bit as much as I love eating it), and it’s prime season for succulent, orchard-fresh peaches.

These gems were perfect for fresh peach cakes.  I wish I could give you a sample!

I hope you all are having a fabulous, rainy day!! (At least it’s raining here on the east coast.)

I’ll post the recipes later this week.  🙂  I’m off to work on my Tuesday to-do list.

~Keep on Smiling!~