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Getting in shape is some tough business.

I’m not really sure where in my early 20’s my metabolism decided that it really didn’t feel like being as active or when my habits changed, but regardless of that, it has really caught up with me.  Now, I’m not saying that I’m not to blame because I certainly didn’t act fast enough when I felt these changes starting to occur.  What’s most important is that I’m on track to a healthy lifestyle!

Today during my 4 mile walk I was brainstorming the important things that I have learned so far – things that I wish someone would have told me (or if they did, that I would have listened rather than learning it myself).

  • It’s not worth it to drink calories away.  Sodas, sugary teas, and even juices aren’t worth it.  If I feel like I really need a drink like this, I choose diet sodas, teas with just a little bit of sugar, and the iced green tea at Panera is a favorite.
  • Drink lots and lots of water.  It keeps hunger away, and the more water I drink the healthier my skin is.

  • Start off the day with healthy foods.  The healthier breakfast is, the easier it is to make healthy choices all day long.  (That Nutrigrain commercial really is true!)
  • Eat breakfast!!!

  • Once you have a workout routine, don’t take a break.
  • Time your miles to make sure you’re keeping a good pace.  Walking for exercise has to be more than a stroll!

In addition to ideals, I think our concept of meals has become really distorted.  I was thinking about how our cars run on gasoline (or in some cases diesel).  What would happen if we’d fill the gas tank up with sugar-water?  The car would sputter, clank, and turn off.  We wouldn’t be getting anywhere without the right type of fuel.  The same goes for our bodies.  When I fill my body with good fuel (fruits, veggies, whole grain… you get the idea), I feel better, look healthier, and have more energy.  In the same way, when I fill my body with junk (fatty, fried, and sugary foods), I am tired and sluggish.

Although, it’s important to have a balance.  I’m all about having the occasional treat.  I don’t think anything good can come from completely depriving myself, but treats have to be done in moderation with good sense.   I try to take every chance I have to fill up on good things.  Today for lunch I had rice with tomatoes, onions, and peas with a teaspoon of butter.  Great lunch – about 250 calories, and it was filling!!

When you’re eating healthy, it’s easier to get moving on a workout routine.  The reverse is true as well.  Working out is a great motivator to eat healthier because you want your efforts to pay off!  These two walk hand in hand for a healthy heart.

All in all, wellness is about eating strong and training hard.  What am I training for, you ask?  Life!  I want to be in the best shape of my life, so that means I’ve chosen to work on changing my lifestyle.  And I’ll tell you, it’s easier now than when I first started.  Want to join me on this ride?  Keep reading because I’m sure there will be many more posts on the topic.  If you want personal encouragement or you want to encourage me, you can either comment at the bottom or email me at oneofthelovebugs@gmail.com.  I hope to hear from you!

~Keep on Smiling!~