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Have you ever had the experience where you are trying to start the car, but the silly thing just putters and shuts off?  Ah, yes, I know you know what I mean – well, welcome to my day.

My husband’s schedule is pretty routine, but today he had was traveling and had a much earlier start.  Being the responsible adults we are, we headed to bed about an hour earlier than normal last night.  This sounds like a great idea, right?  Wrong.  We both laid in bed for at least and hour and a half before finding peaceful sleep.  This morning when I got up I thought we were living in the Arctic because a solution to not falling asleep was making the house colder… and colder.. and colder.

Needless to say, we are both dragging today.  I’ll admit, I did drift in and out of sleep this morning on the couch watching Boy Meets World (woohoooo!!!! its on TV again!!!!), but still, laying in bed not sleeping and then getting up early really wears you down. Plus it’s been rainy and kind of dreary all morning, which just goes to show; the weather even felt the way I did.

When I went in the kitchen to make some coffee, you would have thought the coffee pouch was a life-giving well – as my nose lingered over it inhaling that wonderful wake-me-up scent.  Now that I’ve had a few cups I’m feeling pretty good.  Plus the awesome mug I chose this morning always make me smile.  It’s an incredible hand-made piece I brought back with me from Gatlinburg, TN a few summers ago when the entire family vacationed together – sweet, sweet memories.

There have been some other fun, simple things that have made me smile today.

While I was sitting at the cafe table in our kitchen this morning and the sky started to break, it’s design was startling.  I know that I have taken some complex photos of the sky, and this one is really simple in comparison, but isn’t it stunning?

I made this awesome tomato sandwich for lunch.  Toasted bread, light miracle whip, and some fresh tomato, and BAM… Lunch.  🙂  Plus it was super yummy.  If you’ve never had it, you really should try it.

Even doing laundry is making me happy.  I’m washing up these awesome hand towels I got last weekend at Kohl’s.

Aren’t they pretty?! 🙂

The sun is finally shining for a bit, but according to weather.com, it won’t last.  So I’m going to head out and get my workout in while I can stay dry!

Hope your Thursday is giving you reason to smile!

~Keep on Smiling~