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So, in many ways today was a day like many others.  In some ways in special – the hubs had a day off work and we went to lunch together.  I love time with him, and I never get tired of being married. 

The air was nice and crisp this morning.  We’re edging more on fall-like weather as the humidity of summer passes us by.  Days like today inspire me to knit and bake.  I was enjoying knitting some new potholders after our lunch date, when I could hear our house start to creeeeeek very loudly. 

This summer has been notorious for some pretty big rainstorms with hail and tornadoes.  At first it sounded like really strong wind hitting the side of the house, and then the house started to shake.  I’m sure that anyone that has always lived in the northeast and was thinking of a possible tornado would do the same thing I did – run to the bathroom to duck for cover.  But as I reached the bathroom door and could see out into our backyard, I realized none of our trees were swaying or blowing at all for that matter.  It was a few minutes after that we realized we had no ordinary experience – we had in fact experienced our first ever earthquake.  (Have I mentioned I was glad the hubs was home today?)

After an experience like that, I needed a nice warm drink.  There’s nothing better on an almost-fall day than some hot spiced apple cider.  YUM!  

I’m happy to be back at home with my hot cider, adorable hubs, and my knitting project for the evening.  Let’s hope the ground stays in its place.  🙂

~Keep on Smiling!~