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When children are asked what they want to be, the response is often a mom, a doctor, or a firefighter.  Some adults have big dreams of becoming a professional athlete, a singer or songwriter, or CEO.  Someday, when I’m older, I dream of having a cafe.  When I’m bored, or lonely, or waiting in lines, I daydream about the way I’ll want it to be. 

My photography would be available for sale and proudly displayed on the walls. 

I would specialize in delicious homemade baked goods and have daily coffee specials.

There would be fresh cookies to choose from and sandwich specials at lunch time.

There would also be a small studio where I could do family, pets, and specialty shots!


In the evenings, I would offer special interest groups/ classes given by individuals that specialize in knitting, painting, and photography.

Do you think this would be a place you would like?  What are coffee shops missing?

I know I’m always seeking out places to relax with some free wi-fi, hot coffee, and a peaceful season-friendly environment.  It seems I have the perfect place planned out in my head, and someday when we’re older, maybe we can think about making that a reality.  As for now, I am very happily seeking out my place in “corporate” America.  Additionally, I am very excited about my Etsy Shop, and the opportunities I have to use it as a platform to share my photography!

Speaking of my photography, recently we had a give-away here at OneOfTheLovebugs, and I am so thrilled to announce the winner!!!! 

Once the names were in the hat, we tossed them up real good.  Drumroll Please!!! The winner is…. Heather from PA!  (Contact me to select the print from my shop you would like to have!)

Hey, if you’re gonna dream, you might as well dream big – because we do live in a world where dreams come true.  🙂

Have a happy Monday!  I hope in your spare moments, you will let your mind dream. 🙂

~Keep on Smiling!~