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A couple weeks ago the fair came to town, and I had the pleasure of going twice.  It’s funny how as you get older, the main thing to look forward to are the exhibits and goodies.  When we were kids, we looked forward to the games, the rides, and the chance of winning a goldfish.

This year I went with my nephews on kiddy day, and the joys of a childs perspective of the fair returned to me.  We went on the craft show day so that we could enjoy perusing these gems before the kids got spun, twisted, and whirled through the air.  Their excitement was so audible, “are the rides open yet?”, “can I ride this one?”, and “that was awesome!”. 

The boys rode to their hearts content, and it was so fun to watch them enjoy the experience. 


Look at those expressions!!!


It was a fantastic time, and these pictures still make me smile!

 After a fabulous afternoon, it was time to go home for a much needed naptime (and I mean naps for the adults, not just the kiddos!).

Before heading home, we played to win goldfish (4 wins in all!) and bought a massive bag of cotton candy.  Terrific day?  Yeah, I’d say so… and the kids agree 🙂

~Keep on Smiling~