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Change is inevitable… at least that’s what they say.  For the most part I usually like change, but every now and then it seems that there are things that time is trying to change that would be better off left alone. 

I love email, blogging, and digital photography.  Years ago I loved using AIM (instant messaging), and even have fond memories of chatting with my (now) hubby when we were just friends.  Now I love texting and playing Wii with its wonderful cordless controller.

But there are some things that I love the way they are.  I haven’t been able to embrace the digital book age.  Yeah, I get the whole “save a tree” and attempt to cut down the costs of printing, but I love holding the book in my hands.  I love being able to see how much is left, and I love being able to quickly flip back a few pages to reread a part if I want to.  I love the way new books smell, and the way they feel in my hands.  I spent about a quarter of my life in the book industry, and I am so fond of the way it was.  We even own an e-reader, but neither of us use it.  It’s been in a drawer since we moved, not being missed at all.

In the same notion, I love reading magazines.  I enjoy using the internet – we all do.  I think it’s great that news is so accessible, and there is a wealth of information available to me at my fingertips.  But there are times when I want to look at a colorful glossy page.  I get excited about getting my subscriptions in the mail because it is so refreshing to get something other than bills and junk mail.  Plus you can easily throw a magazine in your bag to take it along for the day, drag it around the house, or read it in the bathtub. 

You can imagine my disappointment when I received one of my favorite magazines in my email in-box today.  I’ve been looking for it on newsstands for months to no avail (even my husband was looking for it!).  Well, I guess my long search is over now.  I will acquire it each month now by signing up for the free email subscription.  And as much as I love to save money (the hubs has dubbed me “Frugal McDougal”), I’m not really excited to get it for free like this.  I spend so much time looking at my laptop, that my eyes love the relief of a printed magazine.  I suppose I will get used to this in the way we are accustomed to not having to sign for small credit card purchases at Target.  It’s weird at first, but then after a while, it’s the norm. 

As I sign off tonight, I’m going to settle in with a cup of tea and my laptop to read the latest edition of the magazine.  I’ll get used to it, I really will.  Thankfully I adapt to most things pretty well… because there’s no way to change it.  “It’s just the way it is.”

~Keep on Smiling~