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Oh… Monday.

I really enjoyed the rain this weekend.   I’m still embracing the sweet feeling of waking up both Saturday and Sunday to the soft pitter patter of rain on the roof.  This morning we woke up to sunshine and heat, and on a Monday morning, that drained me before my feet even hit the floor. 

I was slightly thankful it was dry because I needed to tear down my summer garden.  The hubs and I were talking about this over the weekend, and as much as he didn’t want me to have to say goodbye to it so soon, this summer just was not ideal for growing.  The plants looked like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree (thanks, Dad) and they were a suspect for attracting the ants that have been invading our kitchen.  As I cut the plants down, I discovered that even though they weren’t growing me hearty yummy tomatoes or crunchy cucumbers, they had indeed become home to many, many bugs and spiders.  (Fannnnnntastic.  *rolls eyes*)

When I first planted my make-shift garden, I was so hopeful.  They looked so green and beautiful.  It was my first go at having my own garden, and I was so excited. 

I took great care to water them consistently, talk to them when I was outside, and check on them each morning, but even with all this care, they weren’t very fruitful.

Now all that remains are the empty pots that remind me of my green-thumbed dreams. 

Oh well.  It’s possible that this just isn’t one of my gifts – but I do plan to try again next summer. 🙂

For the next few seasons, I’ll stick to some of my other talents.  As the cooler months greet us, I will be baking and cooking and enjoying my kitchen adventures.  Yesterday I whipped up these gems for my nephew’s birthday party.  Not only did they look awesome, they tasted good too. 😀

I hope you all are having a great Monday!!  Today and tomorrow are the remaining days to get yourself entered in the GIVE-AWAY!!!  I’m exciting to draw a name Wednesday!!  So get yourself involved by commenting, emailing (oneofthelovebugs@gmail.com), or sharing me with your friends!!

~Keep on Smiling!~