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Moving forward is definitely a sweet commodity, and today this thought has taken me by storm and lifted me in a whirlwind progress seeking venture. 

It all started this afternoon in Target.  My nephew’s birthday is coming up, and he’s going to be 5 big ones.  That’s right, he fights afternoon naps while I crave them, thinks it’s fun to run the sweeper, and wants to subside on bologna and cheese (no bread) sandwiches.  He is an awesome kid, and I wanted to get him some cool school clothes for his next awesome adventure in life – school.    Sounds like a great idea being the beginning of August, but here lies the problem – where are the long sleeve shirts?  I wanted to plan ahead.  I wanted to give him something that he would be able to wear as the season changed, but they didn’t really have anything out yet.  So, lucky for him, he got some toys and a (short sleeve) shirt that I’m sure he will love. 

As I was leaving, I got to thinking, as sellers we must be meeting the buyers where they are at…. giving them what they want.  That’s the point of this week’s giveaway – giving people what they want.  At the same time, we need to be forward thinkers.  People are starting to look for warmer colors and the spice of autumn.  The summer has been wonderful, and if you would walk in to our home, you would find our living room to be “ocean themed” and decorated in shades of teal, brown, and off white.  That is our style, and while we love it year-round, the fine details of our home will change with the season.  The wall plug-ins move to a fall scent (I just got the pumpkin scent in the mail this week!), the place mats on the kitchen table will be switched out, and the hand soaps will be more warmly scented. 

As much as I’ve always wanted to move south (and I still do!), I love the seasons of Pennsylvania.  There is nothing quite like the scent of the leaves in the fall, the look of the first flakes in the air, and the way the ground squishes under your feet in the spring.  I’m an all seasons girl, and if you’d ask my dad, he would tell you that my favorite season is whichever season is next… because I’m always talking about what’s coming up.  I guess that shows you how I feel about change. 🙂  So even as the sun sets on summer, we have so much to look forward to!

In an effort to keep up with the seasons, I am going to be adding a number of prints to my shop that will make it feel very seasonally complete.  This is going to take some time, but I love a good challenge.  Thankfully, I have been taking pictures for a VERY long time, and my personal portfolio is quite extensive.  The hard part is picking which ones to share, and I will definitely be looking to my readers for some help in that area!!!  As for now, I hope you will check out my Etsy Shop – Oneofthelovebugs.  Everything is on sale this weekend!!! 25% off!!!  Also, don’t be surprised if you start to see a couple other items popping up.  I’m not just a photographer, but that’s where I decided to start. 🙂

Tell me what you think, share my blog or my shop with your friends, or leave me some encouragements to get entered in this week’s GIVE-AWAY!!! There’s still time!!! 😀

~Keep on Smiling!~