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Well we’re not exactly “movin’ to the country”… because we already live there!! It really is the season for “millions of peaches” around here, so maybe the Presidents were on to something with this song.  So what do you do with millions of peaches?  You make cobbler!!! YUM!

Tonight I whipped up an easy batch of cobbler using this recipe from Betty Crocker online.

The peaches were so yummy and juicy when I peeled them.  It was impossible to keep the hubby’s hands out of the bowl.


After I got them all sliced up, we cooked them up before we put them in the oven to bake with the yummy topping.  They smelled so good cooking!!

When it was all done, I served it w some FroYo!  It was fresh and delicious!!!

I hope you all find some time to whip up something delicious this weekend!!

~Keep on Smiling!~