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Apparently the ants are looking for something to eat and drink… they are back.  How frustrating. 

I don’t dislike all insects.  I love the way lightning bugs light up the night, so I think a room full of lightning bugs would look pretty awesome. 🙂  But we don’t like the ants at all.  Check out this lightning bug… he’s super cool.

So in between dealing with the ants and watching America’s Got Talent, I spent some time working on my photos.  Tonight I am going to post a link to my Snapfish Portfolio.  This Portfolio is in no way inclusive of all of my work or all of the types I photos I take.  Rather it is sample or taste testing (so to speak). 

I’d love it if you would take a look.  Click here to see my Photo Portfolio!!

As you all know, we are doing a GIVE-AWAY this week! Woohoo!!!  So after you take a look at the photos, let me know which are your favorites!  You can either comment at the bottom of the blog or you can email me at oneofthelovebugs@gmail.com.

Can’t wait to hear from you!!

~Keep on Smiling~