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I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.  You ever a morning like that?  You slept good, you hop down the stairs feeling well rested and ready to attack the day, when suddenly, before you’ve even gotten started, someone poops in your oatmeal. 

For me the morning went something like this – woke up ready to go, stumbled downstairs to make the hubby’s lunch, and discovered that an army of ants had overtaken our kitchen – AGAIN.  First of all, you should know that our kitchen is clean.  When we first got the ants a month ago, I couldn’t figure out why we had them because I strive to keep the counters clean and not let things sit out.  As we sought to get rid of them the first time, we learned that in this weather (hot, humid, and dry), ants seek water, not necessarily food.  Second of all, you should also know that we have 4 (that’s right, not 1, not 2, but 4!) Raid Ant Killer Stations in our kitchen.  Epic fail on Raid’s part, I must say.  But I can tell you what is fool-proof – Lysol Bleach Spray.  That’s right… you go at those little buggers with a bottle of that, and they don’t stand a chance.   After the ant massacre, I just didn’t have that oomph in me that I had when I first came down the stairs. 

But never fear, my day turned back around in the early afternoon.  Tim McGraw was on the Martha Show (both guilty pleasures).  I think Tim McGraw is wonderful, and ever since I saw him in concert last summer, I’ve been pretty much addicted.

Speaking of things I’m addicted to, I made this wonderful glass of frozen coffee that my sis got me from a Tastefully Simple Party she went to.  I’m pretty sure a caffeine fix can improve anyone’s mood! 

I’ve settled in and have been doing some photography work while I watch HGTV.  The UPS guy is supposed to be bringing us our Bath and Body Works order today (at least according to the package tracking).  Yay! New soaps and plug-ins!  Hey, it’s the simple things, right?

As you can see, had it not been for Tim McGraw, frozen coffee, HGTV, and working on photos, I’d probably still be sitting upstairs groaning at the way my hair isn’t growing as quickly as I’d like it to.  Thank you Day Sponsors for today’s sanity! I needed you all!

So tell me… what are your tricks for making your day better?  Don’t forget!!! Leave me comments so you’re entered in the GIVE-AWAY!!!

I’m still working on the photo updates for today, so tonight I will have a second post!  Sweet!

~Keep on Smiling~