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The dog days of summer are among us.  The other day, my mom told me that their dachshund was just laying around (which is nothing new) and that he hadn’t been eating well.  This is the dog that begs for food constantly, and mom decided that his behavior must be a result of the dog days of summer.  Thankfully the little guy is back up and bumping into everything (he’s blind) and begging for food (like normal).

The dog days of summer have been affecting me too.  I’ve been kind of grumpy lately.  I was enjoying a lot of thinking, but not a lot of doing.  While I think brainstorming and reading are great tasks, I am a do-er.  I always have my hands in some kind of project – and this is what I thrive on.  But I got stuck in a rut of too much thought.  So this week, I’m back in the game and making this happens.  Sweeeet!  “The dog days are over *clap, clap*”.

So you’re probably thinking that it’s still 100 degrees outside, so how are the dog days over?  Wellll, if you can’t make it, fake it!!! I’m buring a Harvest candle and baked some awesome pumpkin bread.  Sounds wonderful, right?

I’m working on posting my “Portfolio” to my Snapfish Site.  Tomorrow I’m going to post my link and I’d love it if you all tell me what your favorites are!!! 

As for now, let’s think about getting through this heat!! What are your tricks? (don’t forget about the GIVE-AWAY!!! – tell me what you think!!) 🙂

Keep on Smiling!