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In almost every aspect of my life, one question has been a constant lately… What do you want?  I don’t mean that in a cranky, snappy sort of way.  I’m asking in that honest-to-goodness, trying to figure out how to make you happy, kind of way. 

I ask myself all day long, what do potential employers want, what do my friends and family want, what do people who look at my photographs want, and what do my readers want?

Blogging is a great way to get my thoughts out of my head and down in print, and that is part of why I keep writing.   But the other part is because I want to be able to offer something to my readers.  There are blogs that I enjoy reading regularly, and I’ve been trying to put my finger on what exactly brings me back time and time again.  First of all, I like to be inspired.  Whether it’s by a design, a photo, a recipe, or a story, I enjoy getting ideas about what other people are doing, to see if that’s something that I would like to do.  So I want feedback from all of you.  This week I am going to do a “Feedback Series”.  Each day’s blog is going to have a specific area that you can tell me what you want! Here’s your chance!  And the icing on the cake? At the end of the weeklong series, as long as I have at least a total of 20 comments total, there will be a photo print give-away… so at the end, the reader really will get what they want!!!

So… tell me what inspires you… what you love reading… and what would motivate you to make your dreams reality!  You can either leave your comments at the bottom or email me at oneofthelovebugs@gmail.com. 

Happy Sunday!  Goodbye July!  Get ready to welcome in August!

Keep on Smiling!