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Sundays are such a sweet day in our house.  The hubs and I get to sleep-in before getting ready to head out to church.  I love how Sunday mornings have such a regularity to them that no other day has.  I like regularity in life – and believe it or not, that is something that I feel my life is really lacking right now.  I feel a lot like this butterfly – wings all a flutter and not really getting anywhere. 

My mind has been churning all day.  I’ve been thinking about how to make my day-to-day life feel like it has a nice steady pace until the “schedule” aspect of living returns.  Even as I look and wait for what is next for me, I am trying so hard to see this time as a blessing – a time to wrap my heart around my hopes and dreams.

After church this morning, the hubs and I took a trip down to the Borders.  They started the liquidation last week, and we were able to find a couple of treasures to bring home.  I’m most excited about a new photography book we purchased.  I perused a few other books in the same category, and one of the things I read has really been reverberating in my head since I read the few short paragraphs hours ago.  The author talked about how as photographers we need to constantly be building our collection of stock photos and portfolio.  Every day.  Always shooting.  It really struck me that I wasn’t getting everything out of “Project – 365” that I could.  So I’m going to change it up to get more out of it!  I will explain this all tomorrow.  About a week ago I mentioned an upcoming give-away… these initiatives are going to go hand in hand perfectly – and I hope you will all be excited to help me! (Hey, and you’ll get something out of it!)

I hope you all are having a great weekend!!!

~Keep on Smiling!~