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I think this day just might be one of the hottest and grossest days of the year.  Today I am very thankful to be inside in the air conditioning.  In what I think of as my former life, I spent my days in a large heat box (metal roof and all).  It was always a shame that I’m not made out of cookie batter, because on those days I would have baked into some awesome sweet treats. 

These days, I’m a little bit of a home decorator (even though I’m only tackling our home so far!).  I went out a little bit ago to give my garden a bit of a midafternoon drink, and I could tell that they hate the heat as much as I do.  Last night, I picked the first fruits of the season.  Yum yum!

Today’s big project has been tackling our bedroom makeover.  As I set up the office earlier this week, all of the overflow ended up in our room.  I hate sleeping amongst clutter, and the hubs had a little bit of a run in with my night table because he couldn’t get to his closet.  In a lot of ways, I really didn’t realize it was going to be the size of project that it is proving to be.  I had a pretty extensive to do list for the day, and I haven’t gotten very far because of how time-consuming this is!  I finally have it to the bare bones set up.  It is in no way, shape, or form done, but I want to show you the project as it goes a long.  I have some awesome ideas, and I want to be able to watch with all of you as they materialize. 

Here is the craft space’s basic set up.

When I set up the office, I traded out my window treatments from the bedroom to the office because I was finding they were too sheer for our sleep area.  I had purchased some new window treatments at IKEA when we went in search of the desk, and they great part about them is that they were made to fit anywhere.  While it meant some extra work for me (I had to hem them), it also meant that I got some free bonus material.  VERY NICE!! 

So not only do they look awesome hung up…

I also have some fabric to use to enclose the bottom of my craft table. 

This will let me use the area for storage, and not have to worry about it looking messy! Sweeeeet!!

My craft table is awesome… it has gone with me everywhere in life.  It started out as a desk for my very first computer, then my dad and I refinished it to make it a desk.  Now, I’m repurposing it to make it a craft table/storage area with this awesome fabric!! 

Somehow I even squeezed in a little time to make the hubs some strawberry cupcakes.  I hope he likes them!

Well, it’s time to get back to work, but I just had to stop and share.  Hope you all are have a fabulous Friday!!!

~Keep on Smiling~