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Designing.  Decorating.  Reorganizing. 

I am obsessed with these activities.  The hubs and I have lived in our new place for about 4 months, and I’m still designing rooms, decorating walls, and reorganizing our storage.  I keep at it because I really love these tasks.  I feel so alive when I’m talking about where we are going to put things and when I am rearranging furniture and redecorating a room.  Years ago, when I only had a postage stamp of space to my name, it was nothing for me to tear it apart and rearrange the furniture very often.  So in some ways, I am a “closet” interior decorator.  Thankfully for my husband (who doesn’t love change the way I do), the furniture in our living room only works one way – so, it is what is is.

If you remember a while back, we took a trip down to IKEA to get a great desk for my hubby to use in his home office (he’s a writer :)).  It took over a month to put it together because the instructions were pretty bad.  It’s finally all put together and awaiting his computer to be set up.  On Saturday, we got a super stylish papasan.  So I got to spend a whole day designing, decorating, and reorganizing.  Here it is!!!

I’m happy with the progress of the room so far.  It’s not done yet though! 🙂  The random things on top of the book shelves are only temporary, and the walls are screaming for some color and design! If you notice, there is a mini-fridge in the bottom left corner.  My hubby really wanted to have this in his office, and it’s a great bit of extra fridge space.  Kudos!! 

So, what do you think?

I have a couple of extra projects up my sleeve.  I’m excited to show them to you!!! Check back soon!

~Keep on Smiling~