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I’m feeling so inspired today!!!

This week I’ve been house-sitting for some lucky people who are spending their week soaking up the sun and smiles in Orlando, FL.  As for me and the hubs, we stayed in PA because we have already exhausted a lot of vacation time (and spending).  We have had our fair share of awesome vacations this year, but really, isn’t everyone just a little jealous when you know your friends or family are off relaxing without you?

So this morning when I went over to let the dog out and spend some time with the furballs, their cat decided to pose for some photos.  This kitty has been unusually social this week with my husband and I when we visit, and this morning he was a ham!!!  I am going to pick one of these for today’s “Photo – 365” (which will be posted tomorrow – unless I have some extra time today!). 

Check this guy out… isn’t Howler adorable!?!

So… which one is your favorite??

Needless to say, my day got off on the right foot.  After I spent some time loving the animals, I came home and read some of my next book: The Last Summer (of You and Me).  I finished Folly Beach the other night, and it was completely amazing (book review coming soon!)

All of these books about summer and the beach really have my mind on island time.  I’m a bit home sick for the beaches of lovely Charleston, SC.  I know, I know, it’s not where I’m from.  But in so many ways, with each summer that I spent time there, I left more and more of myself behind each time I left.  I am excited to take my hubs there so he can see what all of the hype is about!!!  Someday.  As for now, I’m working on my journey – the real-life kind, but today I will be taking a break to dream about those beaches and do a little painting… because these are the things that make me smile. 

Alright.  Back to cleaning our living room and making the grocery list.  This morning was relaxing, but this afternoon needs to be business.  I’m going to get these chores and errands out-of-the-way, so I can make the most of this inspiration!!!

~Keep on Smiling~