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It has been such a busy, FUN week!!!  I’ve been thinking about “Photo – 365”, and because of how active my lifestyle can be sometimes, I am going to allow the occasional throwback photo to be allowed in my project.  The idea is to compile great photos, and I took a lot of gems before I started.  Not only that, but some days, I get more than one shot that I would love to see in “Photo – 365”.  Other days I’m busy or get shots that I don’t think are as spectacular, so I would love those opportunities to show some of my other work. 

Day 8 – Monday, June 27 –  Saturday night we had the awesome pleasure of attending the Pirates vs. Red Sox game.  The game was great, the crowd was lively, and the Pirates won!


Day 9 – Tuesday, June 28 –  My hubby (and I)’s sister celebrated her birthday this day!  I made this awesome cake with my new Big Top cupcake mold (thanks Mom and Dad!).


Day 10 – Wednesday, June 29 – I visited some friends that were saying “until we meet again” to their German exchange student.  I captured this moment, and I love all of the emotion it portrays.

Day 11 – Thursday, June 30 – To celebrate our birthdays, Heather and I went on a trip to paint some pottery.  It’s super fun!!!  I can’t wait to show you all the glazed and fired piece.  For now, all I have is the shot of the freshly painted flip-flop.

Day 12-  Friday, July 1 – I love baking.  This photo is a throwback, but I really think this shot would be perfect in a coffee shop (and this homemade biscotti too!!!).

I hope you all are having a fun weekend!!  Last night we went and saw Cars 2 and Popper’s Penguins at the Drive-In!  That’s always a lot of fun, but I will tell you, I’ve been a bit drowsy all day.  haha.  Don’t worry, my posts will be more regular from now on!! Each week is going to have a day that includes a Health blog.  I am going to be Weighing in on Wednesdays, so the Health blog will come Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. (depending on what’s going on each week). When I was introducing my blog changes, that got pushed to the side, but some people have been asking about it, so I want to get it back on track. 

Have a great evening!!!

~Keep on Smiling~