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Today is the day I have been *dreading* all week – a full day of housework.  As I write to you, I have one room complete, and a few others in progress.  I am one hard-core multitasker.  But the great part about housework is the fun of tearing the room apart, and putting it back together cleaner and way better than it was before.  In the process of cleaning the kitchen, I thought of a couple of cute personalized DIY’s that will make the room more “ours”.  I’m excited to show them to you as soon as I get them done, but as for now, I have the rest of the house to finish!

I seriously need a manicure.  My hands look like they went through the wash.  I believe in doing as much as I can myself (I’m a DIY girl!), and the savings we have each month really add up.  So this evening after I finish all of my housework, make dinner, and write a to-do list for tomorrow, I am giving myself a full manicure and pedicure (total savings – about 50 bucks!)  Just this morning I was watching Househunters (on HGTV – my fav!), and the buyer noted that he needed to budget for yard work… c’mon people!!!  It’s fun, relaxing, and great exercise – Do It Yourself!  This year I have a little “garden” on our patio – and I’m so excited for the tomatoes and cucumbers that I grew to be a part of some yummy homemade recipes!

Today I have a lot of work to do, so I won’t have time to go scouting for photos.  So here are some shots I got the other day on a stroll through our neighborhood.  That’s right, theses gems were right in our “backyard”!

Hope you have a happy Thursday!  As for me, back to cleaning! haha