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Today I took a little trip to my alma mater.  I knew the enviroment would inspire me to want great things and to think of all that I can be.  Thankfully today was cooler than it has been lately, and I had an excellent day for my trek through, across, and around campus.  It was fun to be back there and feel 21 again – that’s something I haven’t felt in a while. Haha.  Thankfully, the trip did what I had hoped – it excited my photographic eye and energized me to aspire for more and more.  And this is exactly what I need right now – my Etsy shop is opening on Wednesday (and I’m a little bit afraid of this big step)! 

I’ve been thinking a lot about my career aspirations, life dreams, personal goals, and all of that.  I’m wondering if I’m starting to sound like a broken record about the topic, but I feel like with another birthday coming and still being in this time of “transition” that I should have it figured out.  I know… I laugh at the thought.  I’ll never really have it all figured out.  In fact, the things in life that I generally think I know, I don’t.  Take for example that years ago when I met my husband, a mutual co-worker (and now friend) told us that we would be perfect for each other – my response “we’ll never date”.  (A quick response that was meant to shield myself from his possible rejection – I was sensitive in those days.)  So you wanna hear God laugh? Go ahead, tell Him your plans.  And you know what, His laughter is sweet and so is His plan for us.  I never dreamed I would be so in love, so happy, and be married to the man that is absolutely my best friend.  Our life is good.  🙂

So I promise that this blog will be the last of me sounding like this broken record… but I do have a fun “list” planned for my birthday.  So check back on the 20th (well, check back lots of times between now and then, but especially the 20th) – it’s going to be something to smile about. 

As for now, I need some sleep.  Tomorrow is a big day!  My sis(inlaw) and I are taking the kids to the park in the morning!  And the ribbon will finally be cut on the “door” to my Etsy shop.  I’m excited and scared… and ready. 

Sweet dreams world… I’ll talk to you again very soon!