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Today has been fabulous.  Maybe it’s because I woke up knowing I had plans with my awesome sis(inlaw) and her kiddos.  Maybe it’s because I know I’m finally taking the jump and opening my etsy store.  Maybe it’s because very soon my hubby and I are going to steal away and get some fabulous alone time by the shore.  Whatever it is, I hope it lasts.  🙂

This morning Heather and I took the kiddos to the park for some playtime and a picnic.  While I know I’m not ready for us to have kids, I do love being an aunt.  Growing up as an only child, I never knew if I would get to be Aunt Jess.  I always had a slew of awesome aunts and uncles, and I knew I wanted to be just like them someday.  God is awesome, and even though my hubs and I only have one sibling between the two of us, we have two daring, smart, and adventurous nephews. 

I’m sure someday when my bestie, Katie, has her kiddos, I’ll be their auntie as well.  And that will be fun – more kids to spoil :-D.  For the meantime, Kate and I are enjoying the married life with our husbands – and that’s just right for all of us right now. ❤

Alright, time to head inside and do some work.  I sat outside today while I blogged – ahh how relaxing :).

Just a reminder, my Etsy shop is opening today.  I hope you’ll check it out at http://www.etsy.com/shop/oneofthelovebugs?ref=pr_shop.

Hope you’re having a happy Wednesday!  😀