The Woman He Fell In Love With


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Time changes us.  It changes us all… Some of us in better ways than others, but regardless, time brings change.

It’s been a long while since I’ve used my voice here.  I’m back, and I’m giving my blog a makeover. Even though I can identify with being OneoftheLovebugs, I’ve grown and changed.  These days I’m a wife, a mama, a career woman, a photographer, and a crafting enthusiast (and that’s just the tip of my iceberg).

Sometimes I feel so different than the woman I was 9 years ago when I met my husband.  We’ve both grown, changed, and matured… Gracefully together.  Sometimes I miss that fearless impulsive girl that I was, but through our (almost) 7 years together he has brought me so much balance.  And a lot of days, I need that.

So even though I’m not the same girl I was at 24, I’m proud of the lady I’ve become.  While I’m not still the woman he fell in love with, I’m so much more.  I’m the mother of his son, his forever partner in life, and his teammate in everything.

This is our adventure. 😎